Friday, February 25, 2005

Dear Alan Colmes (of Hannity and Colmes)

I've been a long time fan of the show and have noticed something going awry with the program. About a year ago, before the elections were in full swing, I used to watch intently for your intellectual commentary that could put Sean in his place.

Unfortunately, sometime during the election season your attitude changed. You stopped being intelligent with your commentary and became mean and snippy. You've gone from being a full partner on the program to being one that just waits until the end of everything and throws an irrelevant, or irreverent comment out as a means of saying that everything we had just heard is a lie. Much of the time you even ignore important facts about the case at hand.

Lets take, for example, yesterday's conversation with Mr. Dobson on the Terri Schiavo case. I agree with you on the point that people should have a right to die. I do not agree that the word of one man, especially her husband, should have any weight on this type of statute. You see, when the death of a family member is involved relatives do not think clearly, and are frequently found lying about things in order to get their way. I'm sure you could argue the same for her parents, but there is some very compelling evidence in their favor.

Have you actually sat down and watched the videos Mr. Colmes? Have you actually made a conscious effort to sit down and see for yourself what Terri is capable of doing? The video evidence is undeniable by any sane human being that understands any similar debilitating illness. Terri has nearly the same motor functions of Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our time. Hawking just has the benefit of some additional computer equipment and physical therapy. Would you condemn him to the same fate that we consider cruelty to animals?

(If you have not seen the full array of short videos please go here:

If you need reference footage of those with similar physical disabilities you can go here to see some palsy kids:

If the words of the doctor still bother you please remember that it was Michael Schiavo that has bought and paid for everything, including the doctor. There have been no independent entities to actually see Terri. Michael, the legal guardian, has forbid it. Now, can you tell me one good reason Michael would refuse a second opinion?

Anyway, I've prattled on about one particular case long enough. That wasn't the full intent of this letter. I was particularly interested in asking you on a personal level to stop being the obstructionist you appear to have become. It does nothing but put you on the quality level of Tucker Carlson. I do hope that this article does not appear to be mean-spirited or an attack against you personally. I just miss the old Alan Colmes that could make a statement without making a sneer.

Thank you for your time,

Jeremy H. Bol
Chesapeake, VA
(Yes, I'm one of those dastardly bloggers.)

P.S. I'm sending this letter to Sean as well. If you delete this, maybe Sean will pick it up and be able to do something functional with it.

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