Monday, February 21, 2005

Minding the Map

Yep, I've been neglecting the guestmap again. I don't think I've go too many people on it right now, but here goes nothing. (Remember, sign the guestmap and get a short piece written about you.):

What can you say about All @ Sea? Well, they guy's living in Hawaii, surfing, taking pictures, surfing, getting some grub, surfing, rinse and repeat. I'd never seen a surfer's blog before now. It's not bad and rather mellow. He's got this "Children of the 80's" post that I found myself nodding me head to like a dork. It's good stuff! Go read.

Progressive Conservatism is one of the reasons the Dems lost Florida. It's a centered perspective from the right side of the street. Yep, Mark talks out the same orifice I do...wait...nevermind. Let's just say his breath smells a whole lot better. Give him a spin. Check out his site.

I don't think I've done Dangerous Logic yet, but I should have. I think this may actually be the first blog in a long time that can spark my interest without resorting to politics. There's some really neat stuff over there. One of which is the Darwin Award candidate that didn't know the difference between a flack jacket anda bulletproof vest. I say did because he is now in the past tense. May god have mercy on his stupidity. Anyway, that's just one of many spotlights on the blog.

This last one is kinda cool. Capital Region People is actually the blog of a radio show taht comes on Sunday mornings at 6 over WYJB B95.5 FM. Heh. My fist radio guy! If this keeps up I'll be on with Larry King or something....NOT! Anyway, go check out what the blog of a radio personality looks like.

Well, that's it for now. Remember that I'm in that King of Blogs tournament. Go vote for me again, clear your cache, do it again. And if you really want to be nice, a trackback expounding on your approval of my new found royalty could quite possible earn you a seat in the royal court.

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