Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pimping Blogexplosion!

I've been a Blogexplosion user for some time now. When it came out I was rather impressed with the service. Over time I lost interest and eventually stopped utilizing the service. Last night I went into my account and discovered around 250 credits available for use. So, me being me, I used them.

If you want to see the effects go check my sitemeter stats for today compared with other days. It has more than doubled my hit traffic for today. Maybe this is an artificial bump in traffic but if you've got a smaller, less known blog in the blogosphere (getting under 200 hits a day on average) this service can readily put your name in front of tons of other Blogexplosion users in a relatively short period of time.

So how can you get it to work for you?

1. Set up your account by going to the Blogexplosion website.

2. Once your account is set up and approved there are basically three ways to gain readership time:
A. Visit other randomized blogs that are using the service. You gain about 1/2 credit for each site viewed. If you like the site you can blogmark (Blogexplosion's internal bookmarking) the site.

B. Get people to join using the advertisements on your personal site. Take a look over at the right side of your screen and notice the flashing Blogexplosion icon in between the Guestmap and the Google Ads. By clicking on that Icon and registering with the site you will give me additional credits to advertise my blog with.

C. Spend some cash to get some traffic. Currently, 500 credits cost 5 bucks. It's not really too bad of a deal. Take a look at what 250 did for me on Sitemeter. (which still aren't fully used yet) If you wanted to have a banner ad five bucks will buy you 9,500 page impressions through their carriers. Five bucks could do wonders. They take Credit, Paypal, E-gold and Stormpay as payment services.

So, basically, this article is one big advertisement. It's hidden in the not so clever form of excitement for increased traffic. Those that are visiting from Blogexplosion can vouch for the capabilities of the system if you chose to use them.

One question that may remain is how to do a banner ad. The Gif file I use for my title is what I use for a banner ad. Just give them the URL of the banner for approval and they'll resize it to fit their banner size.

Speaking of banners, the advertisements for their site can range from the little button on the right to the banner I just included in the post. Happy Blogging!

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