Monday, February 21, 2005

The next King of Blogs

Yes, it's true. I have been nominated to be the next king of blogs, along with two other pretenders. Of course, that's what they are, pretenders. I mean, who else is worthy to be king than me?...okay, okay, so I've got a chance at least. Good luck to my competitors. May you not be trounced too soundly.

So what can you, my loyal hoarde minions do to help the cause? Well, first off you can go vote. To quote some famous old dead guy, "Vote early and vote often." Heck, if someone can find that magic Kos code from the blog awards it wouldn't hurt either. Of course, I'm not going to tell you how to cheat (clear cache and click again) the system. That would be entirely unethical (but would probably get me a win).

The other way you can help is by tracking back to the King of Blogs post that is the control center for this contest. If you don't know how to track back or are still on blogger comments or something, there's a built in trackback pinger they link to. If that doesn't do it for you e-mail me and I'll set you straight.

They keep calling it a contest. IT'S A WAR PEOPLE! Complete with siege engines. Heck, if I can get DC involved I'll have my own Carl Rove as well.

I must be off. I have war preparations yet to make.

(Almost forgot. The Llamas will be up tonight.)

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