Monday, February 14, 2005

Does anyone remember Dean Freidman?

Alright, so I just got an e-mail from this singer from the 70's. He had a couple of hits with Ariel and Lucky Stars. So anyway, he sent me this:

Dean Friedman
More options 7:08 pm (1 hour ago)


We're pretty sure you'll laugh hysterically at this FLASH animation 'spoof' entitled, '4 More Years'.



I'm not sure if Dean has actually found my site and really thinks I'd get a kick out of ani-Bush propaganda music, or someone was kind enough to put me on his mailing list. I guess I'll e-mail him and find out. Maybe he's just trying to spam bloggers to get some popularity, who knows?

Anybody have any ideas?

Okay, here's my reply:

I don't really know what to say. That wasn't really my idea of quality political humor. Honestly, it sounded more like cynical liberal snarking than an attempt at humor. Of course, I'm a bit jaded, considering my particular voting preference.

If this is an individual e-mail forwarded specifically to me because of my blog, I thank you for visiting and encourage thoughtful and respectful discussion. If you sent this to me because I was placed on a mailing list I'd like to be removed. My mother might be more interested in your music because that was more her era. She was really into folk music or whatever it's called today. You can get ahold of her at patty-jo-at-gmail-dot-com. I don't think she'll like the "4 more years" flash either though. She's where I got my moral upbringing.

God bless,

Jeremy Bol

It actually was Dean sending the email. Kinda cool I guess. Here's the reply:

Hey Jeremy,

Sorry it wasn't your cuppa tea, but I appreciate the thoughtful reply.

That's cool. He seems like a nice guy....

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