Wednesday, February 23, 2005

King of blogs

I am no stranger to elections for myself. In fact, this King of Blogs tournament is my second major voting event. I ended up placing 9th plase in Wisbang's Blog Awards against such popular bloggers as Lileks, Victor Davis Hanson and Bastard Sword. I am no stranger to this type of war. What I did the last time is the same thing I'll do this time. Present my major pieces to the people and let them chose for themselves.

Since this not contest contains not only content but structure allow me to provide you with a guided tour.

  • The first thing to note is the blogger search function. You can search my blog from the top of the screen for pretty much anything you've ever heard of on this site.

  • Many may recognize this as a modification of a Movable type template. You would be mistaken. It is heavily modified from a regular blogger template. You can see other blogs with the same original base template at LOSLI, Patty-Jo or Julie with a B. All three of these I helped set up to some degree.

  • On the non-standard extra sidebar on the left, let me direct your attention to the nice effect of mouseover links. You will notice that it is completely compatible with all normal browsers. I think I'm the only blog in the sphere that uses them. It is an extreme space saver.

  • Something I've had a problem with over the months is browser functionality. What renders one way in Firefox or Mozilla will not do the same in Internet explorer. I've done my best to accomodate all users. There are three points to be aware of when looking at this site.

  • The first is the red, white and blue stripes that appear to run down the sidebars. It is an Internet Explorer specific feature that I have not been able to reproduce for other browsers.

  • The second point is the flavicon you will see when in a non-Internet Explorer browser. A flavicon is the little nuke you see on the address bar and will only show up in Internet Explorer if it is in the root directory of your site. Unfortunately, blogger does not support that functionality, or any storage, save your template and articles.

  • The third anomaly is the music. I've been trying to feature some independent artists and provide a little ambiance music at the same time. It will only auto-start in I.E. and will show a puzzle piece in other browsers. I have not been able to find the proper code as of yet to auto-start music in any other browsers. As a work-around, I have installed a stand-alone link to the featured song.

  • Most everything else is fairly standard fair on this blog. The colors are something that can change on a whim. The only color I am really afraid to use is white. Many of my regular visitors can vouch for that. When I win I may be changing to more royal colors to fit the new status.

  • I hope you have enjoyed this tour. If you have seen enough you can go back to your own blog and provide a supporting tracback to the King of blogs tournament and vote for me.

    If you would like to see the vast array of content I have written you can click on the "Learn About Me By reading" section in my mouseover links. If you have questions or comments I can be reached through comments, email by the icon provided on the left sidebar or you can Skype me on Thursday or Friday evening.

    If, after all of this, you still would like to sniff out the competition you can either go back to the King of blogs tournament mainpage, or you can follow these links:

    Dr. Sanity
    Blue Glow Worm

    Gratuitus links to the Judges:

    News From the Great Beyond
    Ogre's Politics and Views

    This article will remain on top until the new king (or queen) has been crowned.

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