Tuesday, February 15, 2005

US judge jails child rape priest

12-15 years for child rape.

This is more than likely a life sentence for this 74 year old defrocked priest. It's too bad the system couldn't get to hiim sooner.

I completely agree with the judge's assessment:
In sentencing, Judge Stephen Neel said it was "difficult to imagine a more egregious misuse of trust and authority".

Okay, now for the slighly humerous quote:
The 74-year-old will also serve 10 years probation after he is released.

Okay, let's see: 74+15=89 years old upon release. I'm assuming he will die in jail. But hey! If not, he'll die on probation! Is the probation really necessary?

I don't really blame the Catholic church for this as a whole. I'm sure there were some groups within the church that were at fault for allowing this to happen to so many people, but I find the freaks that took advantage of their positions to be the worst offenders in all of this.

Maybe we should give him 30 years, just lke the Zoloft kid? Which crime is worse? I can't decide. Can you?

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