Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Electras

Something recently rediscovered is this band called The Electras.

So what's so special about this band from the 60's?

Take a look at the bass player. He's the tall guy standing next to the drummer. Doesn't he look familiar? He should look familiar. He just ran for president. Yes, that's right folks. RCA has digitally remastered the one and only album that John Kerry played bass on: The Electras

I believe this album may be exclusively for sale at CD Street. I could be mistaken though. I haven't really tried to hunt it down.

C'mon! You know you want to hear a few samples of John and his band. Here's the play list and the available samples:

1. Guitar Boogie Shuffle
2. Three Blind Mice
3. You Can't Sit Down
4. Greenfields
5. Shanghaied
6. Summertime Blues
7. Bulldog
8. Ya Ya
9. Sleepwalk
10. Electra
11. Because They're Young
12. Torquay
13. Yellow Jacket

Maybe if he'd have been playing bass instead of windsurfing he'd have been able to swing a few votes while swinging with Clinton's sax. The album is currently going for 9.50$.

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