Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Goodbye Charlie. May god lead you through your hate. I cannot.

I have been as polite and courteous as I feel I possibly could have been to Charlie. I continued to hope beyond hope that he would someday be capable of listening to points of interest through their merit and not the red (not rose) colored glasses that are provided by the likes of Kos, Eschaton and the like. I thought maybe someday he would find a sensible route through his partisan created fallacies. He himself has proven to be the straw man.

I had been holding my tongue about saying the wrong thing to him for many months. I would dance around issues so that I would not offend his sensibilities. I would skip articles which I felt had substance out of the dread that he would come in with the irrational thought that has become the norm for him and drive my stress levels though the roof once again. I've spoken with others about it.

Daisy Cutter has gone so far as to triple-dog dare me to call Charlie Pusillanimous FuckWad (PFW) in a public arena. They were my words borne out of frustration and are inexcusable ad hominem form of attacks.

Another ad hominem that frequents my mind when thinking of Charlie is one Michael Savage coined "You are one of many sheeple". Yes, I still hate most everything Savage says but it was his line and I must give due credit. It was his line for people like Charlie.

The first time both Patty-Jo and I saw his full picture we both felt something was very dark within him. He felt like he was closed off to rational thought and consumed with rage and hate. Reading his words and seeing who else he was reading convinced us both that there was something not right in his soul.

The realization of what needed to be done came when a co-worker that occasionally visits my blog came up and asked me about this British guy with an inability to understand simple and rational concepts. I believe the best of many slights was "His gene pool could have used a bit more chlorine."

I have been trying to convince myself that keeping him on and allowing him passage on my site was the right thing to do. I kept telling myself the scientific adage "A theory is worthless until it has been challenge and proven correct." I have now seen the error of my ways because whether you know it or not you do not seek to challenge my ideas but to tear down and destroy them.

You can call my stupid for not seeing this earlier but it shall happen no more. From this day on I shall not be visiting your site and would ask you do to the same for me. Any and all future correspondence between us will be deleted and result in banning your IP. This is not open for discussion. If you would like to claim this as a victory over the right that is your prerogative, but you are no longer welcome in my house. Victory comes at a heavy cost. I pray that someday you see the hurt you have caused me personally and understand that what you have done is wrong. But for us, it is over Charlie. Good-bye.

Better yet, I think you said it best yourself when speaking to DC: Oh, go the fuck away.

To those that I know have been Charlie’s enablers. Those that pat him on the back when he attacks me or my ideals you are no longer welcome either. You have said vile and hurtful things and I can no longer tolerate your attitude against me or my friends. The following people are no longer welcome here as well:

I would like to also praise two souls for sticking by me and supporting me through thin and even thinner. Without your support I would not have made it this long. If you wish to continue beating your head up against this wall of ignorance and rage it is not my place to stop you. Let it be known though that the aforementioned people are now dead to me. Barring that, thank you both for your undying support:
Daisy Cutter
Pirate's Cove

Let the spin cycle begin so we may flush this turd into blog history.

UPDATE: Directly from Haloscan - IP(s) banned. I meant what I said.

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