Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tweaking the template

Well, I've recieved some constructive criticism by the judges and am making the approptiate tweaks.

Lets see...Music has been silenced, but opens upon request, cut out a few language translations and put the other ones in their native tongue (I still want to put micro flags next to them), Moved the Llama to a better stable, added the king button and appropriate commentary. Looks like the only two things left to do are add more "about me" stuff and figure out a way to put better post separators in. I guess I'll be hunting through templates tonight for the answer.

I'd like to thank all three judges (News From the Great Beyond, SmarterCop and Ogre's Politics and Views) for their fair and balanced critiques of my submissions and template.

I would also like to thank Pat Santy, from Dr. Sanity for the hard fought match. I'll be voting for you when you compete in two weeks time, as long as it's not against me. You are truly blogging royalty.

I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me or did a trackback. I can remember Patty-Jo, Daisy Cutter, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Pirate's Cove and Flight Pundit. Without your individual help I would not be in the place I am today...even though I was still beaten on trackbacks.

Again, thank you to everyone involved in this great production..oops! almost forgot: Nick Queen, without his foresight none of this would be in effect.

Now on to those that wish to dethrone me. (Jeez! You'd think they'd knock on the bathroom door first!):

Blue Glow Worm - You dropped out last week, but you cannot escape me that easily. This week we do battle!

Thoughts of Mike - I already know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "Dear God, what have I gotten myself into."

Will I be able to hold onto the coveted title for another week? Will I be able to hold on long enough to be retired? Only time, and the appropriate votes, trackbacks and proper schmoozing of the judges can tell.

(..and if you find somthing that needs improving let me know and I'll see what I can do.)

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