Friday, February 25, 2005

Blogs for Bush: Learning From Terri Schiavo

Matt over at Blogs for Bush has the right idea about the lessons we can learn from the Terri Schiavo case no matter what happens to her.
Everyone who has taken the time to talk about or blog about this case should take the time to create a living will to make their wishes known to their family.

This is something I haven't doen myself but should. Hell, I'll do it right now. This is in print and should hold up in court. If any lawyers would like to let me know the truth I'm all ears:
I Jeremy H. Bol, being of sound mind and healthy body, am submitting to the world, this day, 25 FEB 2005, this document as my living will.

In the event of my incapacitation and inability to decide my fate for myself immediate decisions requiring urgent consideration should be relagated to my wife, Young-Mi Bol. In the event that she is not available for emergencies I authorize doctor's descretion for operations and other items requiring approval.

1) If I am under a long term incapacitation requiring more than a feeding tube I request that I be kept alive for six(6) months. At the end of these six months I hereby relagate the decision to a majority vote between Young-Mi Bol, Patty-Jo Bol, John Harley Bol and my grandmother, Beverly Hammer. If in the event that a deadlock agreement is made, I leave the deciding vote to my son, Brandon C. Bol to break the tie. If one or more of the above parties are dead or otherwise similarly incapacitated, the remaining parties will have authority to vote.

If the vote is deemed to keep me alive, then another vote will be made in three(3) months time. This three month interval will continue until I regain conciousness, a vote to end my mechanically permitted life, or three years time has been reached. At the end of three years time change the voting interval to annual.

If a death vote is reached I wish to be provided medically assisted suicide medication in lieu of the natural solution.

2) If I am incapacitated and surviving on the means of a feeding tube I request that all available brain scan tests be ran to determine my mental capacity. If it is deemed by a doctor that I am effectively brain dead then I wish for a medically assisted suicide.

If any the afforementioned persons requests additional tests be ran I request that they be honored, no matter how long this may keep me alive in a seemingly vegatative state.

A vote for continued existance can be requested by any party, at any time after six months of incapacitation by any of the above parties.

If any situation arises that is not covered above a vote will be made in the same style as has been previously noted.

This concludes my living will.

If there are any situations in which someone would suggest I add please feel free to make a comment.

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