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Escuela Chocantariy offers free education and food to all children from the community and surrounding area who would like to study.

Escuela Chocantariy is a bilingual school (Quiché and Spanish). The children are learning the national language while preserving their mother tongue. There are classes of pre-school and primary school.

With this school project, we hope to diminish, step by step, the rate of illiteracy of the village and improve the living standard of the community.

Our target

Our project’s target is to create pre-condition for a permanent primary school education for 300 children by constructing a school. A solid construction shall replace shanties built by the parents, where school was taking place till now.

In a permanent establishment children shall receive education and be fed with nutritious food for free. This school is autonomously run by a committee and supported by private donations. It is acknowledged by the government who pays some teachers (7 out of 8).

Education offered starts with pre-school and continues through all 6 grades of primary school as regulated by Guatemalan law.

Bilingual education in Quiché (one of the abt. 23 indigenous languages spoken in Guatemala) and Spanish shall be pre-condition for an effective school activity.

This project shall help to decrease the alarming high number of illiterates in rural areas and shall provide a better start into the childrens’ future.

Furthermore we target on health care and want to fight malnutrition and undernourishment by feeding the children with nutritious food in school daily.

For realization of school construction project “Escuela Chocantariy” following steps are necessary:

A bricks-and-mortar construction with 9 class-rooms, a schoolyard, sanitary equipment, a kitchen and an office (total contruction area 900 square metres abt)

School’s equipment

Financial support of the school (current expenses, teachers’ salaries and teaching material).

Maintenance of school’s refactory

If you would like to give to this or any other Children's Charity project you can go to their main website.

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