Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Keeping up with the guestmap

It's about that time again. Time to go visit some new sites that found me and want me to find them. Sometimes it feels like a task and other times it's a smooth evolution. It just depends on how things are going. If you signed it and I've never mentioned your blog and you're not listed below just yell at me and I'll fix it. I wouldn't want to ruffle anyone's feathers...not in this post at least. Okay, first off is:

Richard Nixon with Dead Republican Presidents stopped by a while ago and left their mark. They don't appear to be daily bloggers over there, but the do stick the the standard right wing platform pretty firmly. Nixon did volunteer work for the Bush campaign during the elections and started blogging on the 7th of November. At least as far as I know. Go say hi if you want or let him be if you don't. His lates post has got the "insomnia Hillary" picture up, just so you know what to expect.

Lets see...That was a rightie, I should do a lefty now..Ah! Here we go:

Terry from Thinking Rocks just came by and left me a nice "**** you America." So, like everyone else that pins me, I gave him a visit. The tag line "Welcome to The People's Reich." sort of bugs me. Kind of like the **** you America kind of bugs me. I kind of need to say something nice here because he went to all of the trouble of hitting the guestmap. I already know he must have came by from The Liberal Avenger. I'm still not sure if it was him doing the guestmap or another person pointing out the blog in a subtle way.

Anyway, I was still able to find some good stuff in the site. It appears that the **** you America comes from a survey post he had that showed 44% of Americans thought Muslims should have their rights infringed upon. Yeah, I can see that. Maybe we could round em' all up like we did to the Japanese in WWII as well. I believe that just might warrant a nice F**K you America. Looking at it a bit more closely, the study looks to be a bit inflammatory, but some of the internal numbers to that 44% are bad enough. The other piece I found on the site is a hilarious pic of Bush in a pic. You just gotta see the pic. Click Here! Click Here! And of course, you can't go wrong with somebody who's tracking the new Hitchhiker flick.

Okay, that's one of each. Time to go back to the right side of the Blogstreet:

Scott over at Right Wing Journal just made my day. It gave me hope that people are actually reading this worthless drivel. Those sitemeter hits I've been getting aren't just bloggers passing in the night. People actually pay attention sometimes, and to me of all people. I think this is the first fanmail post I've ever recieved! He read the Iraqi election quasi-liveblog! He's still really new to blogging and only has a couple of posts up, but it's starting to look like a, well, Right Wing Journal.

Now that Rick over at Cry Freedom has placed his location on the map I now know where that one lone Mac user was coming from on Sitemeter. No, I'm not going to pick on him. Since Safari doesn't work on Windows boxes yet I'll be bugging him every chance I get to see if everything from my site shows up okay. He should be sick of me by the end of the week. He's got the American Flag League blogroll up as well. It's a rather nice flag banner he wrote up too. I'll bet he did it on the super cool graphics platform that MAC supports. (No, I'm not kidding. If there's one thing that Mac has over IBM it's art stuff.)

So what's this American Flag League Blogroll I'm talking about? It's a blogroll for those bloggers that have some sort of quasi-original piece of American Patriotic symbolism on their site. Just having the Blogs for Bush button on your site doesn't count. You need something a bit distinctive. For more on the blogroll, go here. William Teach from Pirate's Cove put it together and is not party exclusive. Anyone with something patriotic join. I think one of the members has the signing of the Declaration of Independence as their patriotic symbol.

Okay, back to the guestmap:

I'm sure you're all just dying to know where Heroes of Cybertron is based out of. What? None of you? Okay, I'll tell you anyway. It's run out of Denmark. It always makes me feel good to know someone from a different country has found your blog. It sort of gives you that international feeling. Okay, an assessment of the site: Ever wonder about anything Transformer? Well, wonder no longer. If it's not on this guy's site it doesn't exist. Oh, and he's into G.I. Joes too. Maybe he's got some insight on the latest terrorist video? (Yes, it really was just a rubber G.I. Joe guy.)

Here's the last one from the Guestmap and then more family members than you can shake a stick at:

BobG over at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia has only has got a tag line that needs to be repeated: "Moderation in all things. Including moderation". Wow Bob. Tone it down man. Could yo be a bit more moderate? Okay, he's not completely moderate. He's a bit on the right side of life. (In my best stewart Smalley voice) But that's..okay. Beacause he's good enough, he's smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like him.

Now that the guestmap is done it's time to move on to my blood relatives on the blog:

Alright, my grandma, Mountain Mama at Holy Tornado has been around here and there for some time now. I've even given her a partial introduction. She's finally started her own blog but she's a bit more picture oriented. She takes some of the most beautiful, wonderful, mouth watering, scrumptious pictures of six point bucks I've seen in some time. She's also one of the palces I get my opinions from. The same goes for Patty-jo. Go to the source.

David at Temple of Faith is my cousin a couple, three years my junior. He's only got one post up to date. More will come as time passes. Today he's got his profession of faith up. Good reading.

Aimee Breanne is one of my younger cousins. She is not a political, or confrontational blogger. In fact she's just the opposite. She's writing about things in her life, what blogs were originally intended to do. She's not trying to push an agenda. There is no deeper meaning that she's trying to get across. There's just the life and times of a 14 year old fragile girl. At first I was reluctant to put her on this list, as some of what I say turns into a battle roayale and I didn't think it right to subject her to that. Thinking rationally though, I know that no one here would hurt a fly, and especially not Aimee. So there's her blog. Stop in and say hi. If you prove me wrong you'll have the whole redneck clan to tend to: American Warmonger (I can track your scent through the ethernet), Miss Patriot(nearly an arsenal of firearms), Holy Tornado (one handgun, she tends the dogs too), Patty-Jo (oh the things she can do with a shovel) and Temple of Faith (We call him the Branch Davidian) can you hear the dueling banjos yet? Just tread lightly or you may be end up squealing like Ned Beatty in deliverance.

And if you get past us you'll have her mama to tend with. She doesn't blog, but owns several axes and more than one chainsaw. Like I said, be nice!


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