Friday, February 18, 2005


By now it may have reached your corner of the pajamasphere. Terri Schindler-Schiavo is about to be starved to death. Her parents are willing to cover the feeding tube costs, but her husband doesn't want that. He wants to end her life.

I have to admit that the way the media spin machine has had a hold on this I was very sceptical about everything. I thought she was a complete potato fit to be planted. Sure, you've seen tiny little clips that make her look like the lights are on but no one's home. I was convinced that the family just couldn't let go and should let her go. Of course, that was before I saw the following videos:

Terri and her Mother
Swab Test (Terri doesn't like swabs as you will see)
Terri Responding to Music
Tracking a Balloon
Asked To Open her Eyes (Boy does she ever!)
How's Your Cold?

If you've known anyone with cerebral palsy these videos should look very familiar to you. If you've never seen what Cerebral Palsy looks like when it has gripped someone's life here are a few videos so you can compare for yourself:

Kid in a Wheelchair
Palsy kids in school

Does anybody else see any resemblances? Do we murder children with cerebral palsy or do we give them physical therapy? This is what cerebral palsy looks like with physical tharapy:

On the pilates ball

I have absolutely no idea if she'll ever be as well off as the children in these videos. We don't even know if she'll ever be able to talk again. We already see what happens when she's not on therapy; her own husband tries to kill her. Don't you think it's about time to fix this?

I do. I'm in. Sign me up for this blogburst. I'm all over it. You can get the blogroll from the same location. If I've been able to convince you then e-mail Pro Life Blogs to join in the fight for her life.

Please don't delay. Her hearing to decide if she lives or dehydrates to death is on the 22nd.

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