Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Schiavo - in a holding pattern

Well, from what I can gather between the MSM and the pajamasphere there will be an appeals court hearing for Terri tonight and around five P.M.

I'm not sure if she's still got her feeding tube in or what the hearing will entail. Everything is up in the air right now. I even heard a rumor that when asked by a lawyer to stand up or die she stood up. I think the only people that are more confused about this case are Floridian judges.

So what can we do, other than wait?

  • E-mails and letters still work. You can e-mail Jeb Bush, the court house, et. al. from the list found HERE.

  • There is a fund drive to put up an add down in Florida to influence the case. You can go HERE to find out how to donate. (Over 10,000 recieved already!)

  • There's an Ipetition for the president to grant a stay of execution going around as well. That can be found HERE. (Hat tip: Sunnye Teidemann)

  • What you can do most of all though is pray. Pray that eveything will work out for the better and the light of truth will shine through.

    One last note: If you've been living in a cave, or wear a black robe down in Florida, there's a mess of videos running around. Here's another one that Hyscience was given: LINK

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