Sunday, January 09, 2005

You should be ashamed!

Yesterday, Charlie pointed out an article that he wrote about how he viewed religion. He claimed that he was a christian (lower-case) but did not believe that Jesus was the son of God. He subscribed to the "great prophet" angle. He then went into an explanation of how he views the universe. It gave us all an insight into what Charlie believes. He was declaring his faith. I am happy he shared his belief system with us.

Personally, I'd suggest that he were more Jewish in mindset than Christian. He still would fall under the umbrella of worshiping the same God. He has a Judeo-Christian mind instead of a purely Christian mind. I can respect that completely. As for his explanation of the universe, it can be explained under other belief systems withing Judeo-Christianity. (I know Scientology is the wrong one, but that's the best name I can come up with.) If I had to classify him, I'd call him a Judeo-Christian Scientologist. He believes in God and is professing his faith. He is prosthelitizing.

So what was the response to his declaration? How did his readers respond? Did they praise him for putting himself out there? No. They took the olive branch from his hand, broke it in half and stuck it back up his wazoo. All those that criticized him for his beliefs should be ashamed of yourselves. You have shown a level of disrespect I had hoped not to see. I am embarrased by those that call themselves good Christians.

You really need to take a good hard look at yourselves in the mirror. Is this the kind of good Christian you want to represent to those that believe in the same God in a different manner? Would God, or Jesus for that matter, want you to attack this desciple of God so that he may one day see the error of your ways and become your style of Christian?

Not everyone was meant to worship in the same way you worship. In fact, I believe his best point was that he believed in a personal relationship with God. At that point he could have groped my wife and I wouldn't have killed him. (Roughed him up a bit maybe, but not kill him.)

I believe that you have done a great disservice to the lord. How do you expect to bring others to the lord when you can't do anything but attack and ridicule those that have differing viewpoints.

I once posted about my view of religion in this article about the blind men and the elephant. Some of you have been shown the tusk like a spear, the body like a wall, the leg like a tree. In your attack you have just shown him the ass.

Feel free to cast your stones.

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