Sunday, January 09, 2005

Paper Clips - The movie

I came across a little movie being plugged on Conservative It was titled Paper Clips. As far as I remember it was a documentary about a bunch of school kids collecting paper clips for every Jew that was killed in German death camps.

Today, I'm not really in to mood to rant on incessantly, so I'll just throw up the talking points:

- Kids collect paperclips representing every Jew killed.

- Death camp survivors and children of death camp survivors flood kids with paper clips, letters, money, the railroads provide free movement of a purchased "death camp box car" from a museum to where they were building the memorial. Everything except for the box car purchase was donated.

- Happy ending about the Holocaust.

- Enter stupid ragheads. (Apoligies to any Indians or those that believe that Jews are not Zionists)

- Egypt and other Muslim countries teach that the Holocaust is a hoax created by the EEEVIL zionists (or Glenn Reynolds, not too sure.)

- This education breeds absolute hate against the Zionists, infidel dogs that are trying to take over all of the arab states, even though they only occupy a small sector of land and have never tried to take over another country.

- My opinion: If America does not assist and protect Israel we will have another Holocaust.

- Atrocity: Some Americans (albeit on the REEALLY far left) believe the Arab miseducation.

...enter comments here...

UPDATE: Crap, this article is not intended to poke at anyone. It is a world topic. I know at least one of my readers probably has some personal experiences with this issue and my intent is not to drag him or her out into the fire. It's just a topic about a modern day atrocity that I'm declaring war on. (I am the American Warmonger after all.)

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