Thursday, January 13, 2005

Slipping linkage

It's about that time again. It's time for me to go through my comments, my guestmap and even my e-mail to update links. Today I've got a mess of them. Probably about 7-10 give or take. This one I'm going to have to paraphrase just to save time, so lets get started.

1. The first one I'm doing is Ginger. If you've been to the regular haunts around my sphere of unfluence you already know Ginger. She's the "hot or not" girl. You can frequently find her over at LOSLI and Pusillanimous Wankers (II). Yes Ginger, I do remember you.

2. Next on the list is The Crankfiles. He hasn't commented yet, but he signed the guestmap so here he is. I'll just let the guestmap comment do the talking for him:

The Left swore that if Bush were re-elected, we'd see death camps, oppression, and an end to America as we know it. Stunned by this revelation, of how easily my dreams of rounding up leftists and doing downright evil things to them could be attained, I salivated, waiting for Election Day.

If Bush doesn't get cracking soon, I'm going to be disappointed.

3. Well what can be said about Smoke Eater? Lets see, Texan? Check. Blog Machine group member? Check again. Runs in circles just like me...wait..strike that, reverse it: Runs around the same circles as me? Yup. Anything else you want to know? Go check the site.

4. How can you go wrong with a name like The Cheeky Spew? Honestly, I don't think you can. Even better, Shep gave me an ego boost. He called me a heavy hitter. I never thought of myself as a heavy hitter. Unless, of course, your're talking about a weight problem then I get it. Anyway, enough about giving me a big ego, lets talk about the site.

The Cheeky Spew is...well...a cheeky spew. I'm haven't waded too far into the site, but you don't need to go too far to realize Shep likes to eat the liberal media for breakfast. Other than that, he's got a bunch of cool "digital widgets" (HA! I just coined a new term!) A babelfish translator, random scroll boxes, an online user counter (that I'll probably be stealing later) and a bunch of other things. Go see what you can pilfer.

5. The Alternative Energy Blog is something I fully support, condone, suggest, appreciate and admire. As the title suggests, it's a blog about Jack Straw...NOT! This Londoner (my first BTW) has been able to come up with alternative energy sources from around the globe. It's a rather impressive compilation. Another thing some of my readers may enjoy is that he also uses the alternative energy browser: Firefox. I personally prefer Mozilla, the big brother of Firefox, but everyone has their own tastes.

6. St. Monk is rather depressed about the Seahawks screwing up yet another playoff. Quite frankly, he's a bit torqued about all of the Seattle teams screwing up. Quite frankly, I am too! Knowing what teams he roots for you can tell where he's from. Mom, Ed, Annie, any other Pacific Northwest bloggers in the area, go give him a warm welcome if you haven't already.

7. Insert-Blog-Here.

No, I can't be that cruel to leave it as that. It would fit, but I can't. He's just recently been to his first gun show and has a nice lengthy two part article on economics that I still need to read. (Don't worry, I'll get there.) Just an anecdote: When trying to set up Patty-Jo's site one of the URL's we tried was It looks like it wasn't available here either.

8. Russ Vaughn of Blackfive sent (spammed) me a nice poem that I posted. I guess that deserves a link. Here you go Russ. (If you need more info on Blackfive you haven't been in the blogosphere long.)

9. This one is sort of funny. I'm going to link to Dave Marco's Shining Light in Dark Corners. No, I'm not doing it because I need more liberals on my list to make me look "fair and balanced". I don't see that happening any time soon. I'm linking to hiim because he sent (spammed) me an article he wrote so I went to visit. From what I've seen, he's a clear, concise, thought provoking progressive with a talent for writing. Overall, he just seems like he needs to be on the roll.

10. Last but not least, I ran into this Spare White Guy hanging around. I guess there's a surplus of us or something because there it is, a spare white guy. Scroll down to his "Playing with my new toy" movie. Try not to drink anything while you're doing it. I've still got that Diet Coke sizzle going on in my nose.

Well, that's it. That's all I have for now. Something I've realized after looking at all of these blogs is that I really need to get my act together and start blogging for real again. If I don't one of the fine bloggers on this list will eat me for lunch.

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