Monday, January 31, 2005

Truly amazing pianists and violins

Just a couple of videos we've been revisiting at work.

First off is Bobby Yang erupting. Remember the kick ass into to the "You really got me" tune by Van Halen? You ever heard it done on violin? Neither had I until Bobby Yang rocked it.

(link to his site:

The other one we've been talking about has sort of become our work song. Remember the Super Mario Bros. tune? Ever heard it played on the piano? Ever heard it played on the piano blindfolded? Ever heard it played on the piano blindfolded and then every other Mario Bros. tune thereafter? Ever heard it palyed on the piano blindfo....starting to get the idea? The whole thing runs over ten minutes. What's up with all these Asian musical bad-asses?


(Link to another source:
If that doesn't work go Here: and click on: blindfolded mario pianist take 2

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