Sunday, January 30, 2005

Thirty-Five at close of polls

That is the number of lives that were given up in the name of democracy today. I hope this number can remain at zero for the whole day. I am not naive enough to believe that nothing will happen today but one can hope, and pray.

Many times throughout history people have laid down their lives for the hope that one day they our their countrymen will be a free people. Free from tyranny and oppression. Free from threats upon themselves and their families. Free to have a life that is their own, that they can do with as they see fit. Today is a day of freedom.

This day is not just a day for the Iraqi people. It is a significant day for everyone the world over, from Iraq to Israel, from France to America, from Germany to Australia, from Afghanistan to Russia, from China to Iran. Everyone in the world has a stake in this one day. Everyone will be watching to see what unfolds this day. The outcome of which is yet to be foretold.

What will come of this day? Will it be a pleasant Iraq day? A day with which there will be celebrations in the streets? Will the Iraqi people take back their country from the grip of terror this day? Will this become a hallmark for peaceful Democracy throughout the Middle East, the likes of which all Arab nations will rise up against oppression, rise up against tyranny? Will they defeat the grip of terror, fighting and death that has plagued the land of Canan since biblical times?

Or will this be a day of mourning, a day of death and destruction the likes of which will make the strongest of strong men weep at the very thought? Will terror rip through this country till the land is no longer recognizable from the blood of its people? Will death and hate consume this country in a fiery end? Will this be just another battle in the struggled lives of the Cananites?

This fine Iraqi morning we do not know the answer to these questions. In one cycle of the Earth we will know the truths that lay before us. This day of the lord we shall be witness to a great happening upon the earth. In a rare glimpse we will see what God's plan has in store for us all. We will one time see though the eyes of the lord but not be blinded by his glory. We shall see with our own eyes, in cold and cruel terms what is to become of Iraq and maybe deeper to the rest of the world.

I am no pastor and this is no sermon, but I cannot help but sense we are being guided by the spirit of the lord this day. The ominous silence you feel is not the growing anticipation of what terrorists have in store. It is the anticipation of what God almighty will bring forth upon the earth this day. The vote that is given today is not just for the Iraqi people. It is a vote for freedom throughout the world. It is a vote for peace on earth.

If there is peace, there will be peace. If there is death, there will be death. Today it is that simple. Today there are no more simple terms than a vote from the land of Canan.

May God bless all of the world and keep it safe.


Following is the best a simple man like myself can do to stay up on affairs as they occur. I will do my best, but something will invariably be missed. If a gunman opens fire, if a bomb takes a soul, if anything happens and I haven't posted it here please let me know and I'll add it.

Start time is: 11:59 EST

12:29 EST Nine out of ten MSM hack agree: Iraq election begins under shadow of violence. (You'd think they'd be smarter that to steal all their stuff from Reuters. Come on people! Get original with your headlines!)

12:41 EST One blast at a polling station reported by FOXNEWS Television. Ro reports of injuries as it blew up at a checkpoint and not the polls themselves. Count is still Zero.

01:03 EST Neat fact. It is a requirement by the intirim Iraqi government that 1/3 of the candidates in this election be women. Out of the 111 candidates on this ballot that's at least 37 female candidates. Talk about equality! Reoprts of bombs in Baghdad, but still no casualties reported. The number remains at zero.

01:12 EST A report from AP has that suicide bomber at the polling station killing one patriotic Iraqi soldier. I pray he did not die in vain. APNEWSWIRE

01:44 EST Ayad Allawi, the Prime Minister, has just finished voting. Both the Prime Minister and the President have voted....Wait! Breaking news! Kerry's going to vote for the Iraq elections...hold on! No! He's voting against the elections now....Okay, yeah, it's a bit uneventful so far. I am not complaining though. Hopefully, no news is good news. (Was Al gore on the ballot?)

02:06 EST It's just after 10 A.M. Iraq time. Two more people were killed in mortar fire in Baghdad. There was also another death of a policeman near the town of Hilla. It is believed that towns in the heavy Sunni areas. Total is now counted as four souls given for the freedom of their country.

03:11 EST It's lunch time, 11 A.M. in Iraq. Some people are saying they're coming in droves. Others call it a scared trickle. I call it a miracle we've only lost four brave souls so far. No, I'm not complaining. Something of note, even CNN's Amanpour (I think that's how you spell it.) has got a smirk on her face. How rare is that!?! If Geraldo had a bigger smile on his face it would wrap all the way around to the back of his head.

Something else of note: Some of the more, that's not the right word to use here. Some of the more terror sticken parts of Iraq have not opened many of their polling places. Instead, they've opened stations on the outskirts of the cities to allow for those that want to vote.

It's 3:18 EST 11:18 Iraq time and still just four souls lost after four hours of voting. I'm going to take a nap. I'm tired. I need some sleep.

Before I go, just one paper quote from AP:
Even in the small town of Askan in the so-called "triangle of death" south of Baghdad — a mixed Sunni-Shiite area — 20 people waited in line at each of several polling centers. More walked toward the polls.

It's starting...

13:05 EST The polls in Iraq are now closed. FOXNEWS is showing Iraqis dancing in the streets! There's one old guy they keep showing that looks like he's trying to do either "the Bird" or "the chicken dance", I can't tell which. Early voting estimates show ove 60% of the eligible population voted. Some estimates have it as high as 72% voter turnout. Remember, we had only 60% voter turnout for our elections and they were the best ones in years.

The terrorists had no tricks up their sleeves. THey tried no tactics that they hadn't tried before. It's getting old and tired. Mortar fire and suicide bombings killed a total of 44 people including the nine suicide bombers. If you look above, I'm only showing 35 souls lost today. remember, I'm only counting those on the side of freedom. Today Iraq had a choice to make. Instead of cowering in their homes they chose freedom and are dancing in the streets!


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