Sunday, January 23, 2005

It's cold, Carson died, Rose Mary Woods died.

T-t-t-to c-c-cold to b-b-blog.

M-m-must f-f-find HEAT!

Okay, it's only in the teens. (15-20 degrees) but the wind chill puts it in the negative numbers. Heat pumps are not designed to handle extremes in temperature.

There was a time when I'd be out playing football in three foot deep snow and more coming down. There was a time when the biggest hazard during P.E. runs was slipping on the ice. I used to love throwing snowballs for hours at a time with no gloves.

Today I sit here with jeans (not my usual pajamas) long sleeved shirt, zip-up sweater and a blanket and I still keep stuffing my hands under the blanket to warm them up. Man I've turned into such a wuss!

See you all tomorrow when it's warmer. last thing. Two rather important figures died today. Johnny Carson and Rose Mary Woods.
We're all familiar with Johnny Carson. His proteg├Ęs, Jay Lenno and David Letterman, are the late night stars of today. He died of emphazema. I'm sure this will make the anti-smoking advocates giddy and excited with the thought of new commercials. I'd be willing to bet they'll be walking all over his grave to buy the rights to his smoking story. It's not that I don't agree with the message, it's the manner in which they assault their audience that gets me. I'd be amazed and impressed with their restraint it they could wait just two months before starting their Carson blitzkreig. Just let the man go in peace, please.

Rose Mary Woods died of old age at a nursing home in northeastern Ohio. For those of you who don't know or remember Mrs. Woods, she was the secratary that had the dubious distinction of "accidentally" erasing the 5 to 18 1/2 minutes of Nixon tapes. The reporters that broke the case, Woodward and Bernstein, have said time and time again that "deep throat" will be revealed after his or her death. There has been no annoucement. She was not deep throat. I'm sure this will turn into a media frenzy as well. So who is deep throat?

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