Friday, January 14, 2005

Vindication or Vindiction?

Yesterday, while flipping through the big three: FOXNews, CNN and MSNBC, I happened upon a tirade by Anus Imus in the Morning on MSNBC. He was going off on Dan Blather for being the one guy that didn't get the axe. I can't say I blame him too much. Dan has always been rather arrogant about his position in life.

It really struck me as odd that a devout liberal such as Imus would be bashing Rather so hard. He really was really put off by it. Maybe it's his regular demeanor, but he was really sounding vindictive. It was if no one else mattered but Dan. The entire CBS echalon could have been fired and Imus wouldn't care because Dan the man was still standing there.

I have not been without my fair share of jabs at Danny boy myself, but this should be the end of it. More people were let go from CBS than anyone expected. Their ratings are abyssmal. Dan himself will even be stepping down early, before his already announced retirement. The blogging world has been vindicated. Truth and justice have been vindicated. America has been vindicated. Why are some people still trying to drag this through the mud?

I think there is a pattern in American life that deems this acceptable behavior. It should not be. It's rude and it's wrong. still, we have a history of dancing on the graves of our adversaries. We do everything we can to rub salt in the would of defeat. You don't believe me? Here are a few examples of when vindication turns into vindiction:

The most recent example of poor sportsmanship is the recent faux mooning for the Green Bay fans by Randy Moss. Green Bay fans are some of the most loyal fans you'll find in any American prefessional sport. They own their team outright as a city. What Moss did really cheesed a lot of Wisconsin residents, as well as football fans. The NFL has sinced fined randy 10,000$ for the offense in the hopes that it will cut the cheese.

Maybe if this was Warren Moon?

Kan enywun spel potato(e)? Whut I'm deweeng hear is en egsample of beeng vindicktive two Dan Quayle. Potato(e) has bean a verry commun wurd to mispell four longer than Quayle has ben alife. Us bloggers hav speling broblems sumtimes az wel. Still, peepole incist in caulling him Mr. Potato with an e.

BTW: Is that Uday Hussein with him?


Didn't we just get over this one? Kerry was tired (at noon, twice, in a practiced stump speech), and he made a mistake in the way he spoke. Sure, it was a good plan to point his failed verbology. I'm sure it won a few votes here and there. There were about a dozen different commercials that highlighted this one mistake. I myself am a bit guilty for pointing to this phrase a bit too often. I'm being vindictive about it and I should stop. Besides, there are many more reasons to pick on Kerry without calling him a flip-flopper.

I actually voted for the 87 Billion dollars before I voted against it.

Since I just did a Democrat, here's a Republican gaffe. We are all familiar with Ronald Reagan's lost battle with Alzheimers. However, it never stopped Americans from dancing all over his repeated "Well, I don't recall" answer on so many questions. To this day, some people still use that line in a Reagan-eque way if they don't remember something. The guy died of this disease for cripes sake! Have a heart people!

I can't recall

What Michael Jackson wants to do with his nose in the privacy of his own home, as long as it doesn't involve small children, he should be able to do it. His current court case not withstanding, Michael is one wierd dude. Probably his strangest and most ridiculed attribute is his nose. Great, they guy had several really bad nose jobs. I feel more bad for him than I do want to laugh at him. I'm sure just about every one of us would like to change a feature or two about them. That flabby belly, the heavy thighs, that huge mole on you cheek. (Please, get rid of the mole Rick. It scares small children.) If I had the spare cash like he does, I'd have gone under the knife myself.

Plastic Man

As everyone knows, it was the blue dress that Bill Clinton soiled. Not just America picked on him for this. The best ads spoofing Clinton were actually overseas. One in particular that I remember was one where the secret service went into Monica's home, snuck out with a dress, cleaned it and returned it to her closet without notice. Okay, he did wrong. He's paid the price. Let's move on with life. No more Monica jokes.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Not once.

This last example comes to us by the way of the hottest new online game on the market today, World of Warcraft. In fact, this game has become so popular that Blizzard has stopped making copies of the game because all of their servers are overloaded. One of the biggest contribuors of the game is something called PvP, or Player Vs. Player where you can defeat other people in the game. Once you have killed their character, the game offers a couple of special features to use. If you are playing an undead you can feed off of the corpse. If you are not you can freely dance on the dead. Is this really necessary? Have we gone this far?
Link to W.O.W. dancing.
World of Warcraft - dancing?

I'm just trying to figure out what has drawn us into bad winning so deeply? Can anyone explain to me what we gain out of beating a dead horse except a whole mess of glue? When the game is over it's over. There's no need for gesticulating in front of the loser; no need to call someone your "biatch". Maybe a roucous round of hooting due to excitement, shake the other guy's hand and congratulate him on a good game. It's time to stop being so vindictive.

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