Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tearing Down Illegal Shacks?

Tearing down illegal shacks in the Gaza Strip.

Take a wild guess as to who's tearing down shacks in the Gaza Strip? Go back and read the article. I had to read it a couple of times myself. I thought they'd got their names mixed up. This never would have happened with Mr. checkerboard-tablecloth-for-a-hat.

Okay, for those too lazy to click a link it's Mahmud Abbas doing what everyone would expect from Ariel Sharron. This appears to me to be the difference between a leader of terrorists (Arafat) and a leader of democracy (Abbas).

This just makes me sort...well...happy. No, that's not right. Ecstatic! Yeah, that's a better word for it. Never before have I seen Palestine take action to reign in their own people. Hell, I didn't even know they had a bulldozer!

Here's a news excerpt:
Up to 3,000 Palestinian police began patrolling the northern half of the Gaza Strip, mainly along the border with Israel, over the weekend.

The Palestinians have police? They have more than 3,000 police? I thought they just had the Hamas to rule the streets. Wait, let's try and add two and two here...If they have police it means they can control lawlessness in their own country. If they can control the lawlessness they can rid themselves of most of the Hamas and other terrorist organizations. If they can stop the Hamas there will be little to no more bombings of Israelis. (okay, this is getting sort of Yoda-ish. Just bear with me.) If they don't asassinate Abbas, no more bombings means a chance at........ Wait for it.............................


Hat tip to Jane at Armies of Liberation. She blogged it first.

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