Sunday, January 30, 2005

Tens of thousands protest Gaza plan

And just like that (snaps finger) we're at loggerheads in Israel.
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Israelis have opposed to a plan to uproot settlers from occupied Gaza have staged their biggest rally for months to demand that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon put the pullout to a referendum.

It's like two spoiled brats fighting over a toy. There's no reason for it. In order to have peace concessions have to be made. Unfortunately, both sides don't want to give up their precious Gaza.

You know what? Screw Gaza, nobody gets it. What do you when two children are fighting over a toy? That's right, you take it away. It works every time. They cry about it for a while, or sometimes just sit there stunned, then go about their business like the toy was never there. Lets take Gaza away from everybody. Let's take away their toy.

So what do we do with the settlers?

One idea would be to kick them all out. Make a fresh start on the land. Give it over to the UN so we could kick Kofi Annan and the rest of them out of the U.S. It's not that I hate the UN so much as it is I don't feel it's good and proper for the UN to be on any one country's home soil. It sort of gives the impression that we've got home field advantage. Maybe if they had their own autonomous state there wouldn't be the same petty jealousy that can inadvertently happen in situations like that.

The problem with this plan is that none of the people living there want to move. Would you like the government telling you that you had to move to make way for some snotty foreigners? Yeah, I didn't think so. If this happened the terror in the region would be at an all time high. Israel might even start in on the action. So this plan is a no-go.

Create a third state. Call it Gazaland, Gaza Stripperville, Palisrael, Israelistine, hell, name it Promised Land. Just make the documentation to have it a third and independent state from either country. Look, a good portion of the Palestinian people hate Israelis and vice versa. If we make Gaza it's own state then those that aren't mean and hateful bastards can build the area up together, withought racial hatred. Maybe someday Promised Land or whatever could be the "good example" these people need to set aside their differences.

Maybe I'm just a fool. Who knows?

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