Thursday, January 20, 2005

Strange search engine hits

Search engine rankings

Something I always get a real big kick out of is the crazy way search engines work. I know I'm not the most popular site on the internet. Hell, take a look at my traffic. It should be rather obvious from that. I'm no web god.

For some reason, I continually score well on search engines. No, I'm not writing google bombs or anything. It just gets out somehow. I just think it's sort of funny. Here's today's hits from search engines:

1. Yahoo! Search: barbara boxer, condeleeza rice
Placement: 9th (Remember, searching "boxer rice" in google images gives you gay anime porn.)

2. MSN Search: coal generation plant capital costs
Placement: 11th

3. MSN beta Search: South American Sex (Damn I love this one! Looks like the new MSN beta could use some work!)
Placement: 23rd

4. MSN Search Preview: President Lyndon B. Johnson Innauguration location
Placement: I'm not sure, but they've got a snapshot of my site. I never knew they did that!

5. Yahoo! Search: turn your back on bush inauguration day
Placement: 12th

6. Ask Jeeves:
Placement: 8th

7. Yahoo! Search: Blog Innauguration
Placement: 2nd (Hey! At least this one had the word "blog" in it!)

8. Yahoo! Search: jules jusserand quotes
Placement: 11th (Does anyone know who this French Ambassador is?)

9. Zworks Metasearch: ads for used cars parts (Could you get more wrong?)
Placement: 3rd (Yes! Third!)

10. Google: Kudlow shrinking deficit comments
Placement: 93rd (NOTE: Instapundit was 94th! I beat Instapundit! Woo HOO!)

These are the ten search engine hits I've recieved today. As you can see, this is a really wide range of topics and very few of them fit. Does anyone know how these search engines actually work? How on god's green earth did I score so well for "south American sex"? Who's ther pervert that went to my site looking for "south american sex"?

At least I've stopped getting hits for "ODB toxicology report" or "icelene jones". At one time that, and similar searches covered about 5-10% of my traffic.

Does this happen to everyone else or is it just me?

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