Saturday, January 22, 2005

Streaming Audio

Hopefully I've solved the music dilemma. I've figured out how to plug a live stream into my site. I've also relocated the on/off button to the top of the right sidebar. Currently it's set to KGB FM San Diego. They used to be my absolute favorite radio station in the world. Unfortunately, they've gone classic rock. Classic rock is okay and all, but I'm a bit more modern. Case in point: I just spent about 20 minutes trying to find a live feed for Green Day - American Idiot. I don't like the politics behind it much (or maybe I do?) but you have to admit, it rocks. Anyway, maybe if JulieB could forward me her live radio feed she'd never know the difference. Until then, the on/off button is just to the right of the screen.

Since I'm not going to post anything worthwhile today (like I do on any other day?) I've added the coveted "What people are saying" sidebar item. It's directly under the profile stuff on the left. Feel free to send my your donations, praise, angst, money, etc. (If you want on the list make something up and put the message here.)

...maybe I could find a good death metal station?

UPTATE!: I just went to the KGB site and noticed that Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw are still working there! I must have left over 10 years ago and they're still there!

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