Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A cool mom?

Admit it. At one time in your life you would have just loved some hot looking mother to get you loaded and take advantage of you. Sure, you've probably had a crush or two on your high school biology teacher, or physics or whatever. You might have even gone as far as sent him or her a love note. None of you had a teacher, or freind's mom (M.I.L.F.) that would oblige your teenage hormones. You would have thought she was a really cool mom.

Today I've got a different perspective on these things. Those days of raging teen hormones are gone. There have been several stories in the news of older ladies taking advantage of young boys. It bothers me deeply. Somehow my mind glances back to the huge stipend the Catholic church gets hammered for every time something like this happens to a minister and a teenage boy. For some reason that's sicker in many people's minds than a teacher or someones mom. There's still only one word for both types of people: PEDOPHILE.

Simply because it's every hormone laden boy's dream to "make it" with a hot older woman doesn't make it any less sick. Next time you hear about some young boy in a sex scandal with a much older woman try to think of who else falls into the same category of perversion. Hopefully, this has provided some with a better perspective on the topic. Was she really just a "cool mom"?

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