Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sidebars and Traitors

Well, I did it. As you can see the second sidebar is in. I've even tested it for you blind people that prefer 800x600 resolution and everything works as planned. My next goal will be to change the load order of things from 1)left sidebar 2)right sidebar 3) text, to: 1)text 2)left sidebar 3)right sidebar. It sounds like an easy proposition, but I'll have to do some major playing around with things.

In the meantime, I'll be taking suggestions about how I should adjust things to fit my new-found sidebar space. Should I add a "What People are Saying" section? Should I get rid of the mouseover links and use a different system, like the one over at LOSLI, or should I go back to a standard list?

In the meantime, let me throw in my two cents about January 20th:

January 20th is inauguration day. Bush will be sworn in as the legitimate president for the second time. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to go back to school for a while.

That's not what this is about though. This is about something else happening on January 20th. Inauguration day has been dubbed "Turn your back on Bush day" as well. This is the loser's celebration. It is a wrong minded idiotic concept that, if actually enacted, will stick the far left on a different planet.

So what is supposed to happen? During the inauguration drive, at a predetermined location in the route, all of the liberal progressive freaks are supposed to turn around and show their backs to the president. Hence the name: Turn your back on Bush.

So why does this spur me to use words aginst lefty extremists that I normally don't use? By turning your back on Bush on inauguration day you are also turning your back on the majority of America that voted for him. You are turning your back on me.

Bush is my president and will be for the next four years. He will also be your president for the next four years as well. If Kerry had won election, the Kerry would be my president for the next four years. Bottom line, if you chose to deny Bush as America's president you need to leave. You have effectively denounced your country and therefore your citizenship in my mind. No harm, no foul. Just leave. Go to France or something. Jesusland will be just fine without you.

Let me caveat this a little bit. I'm not pointing this at ALL liberals. I'm pointing this at the liberals that believe the fact that Bush won gives them the right to hate everything the man does, good or bad. I'm not saying that he should be above our judgement. Civil discourse is a great feature of a democracy. I'm saying he shouldn't be condemned because you weren't the one who elected him. If you believe he's not your president you are wrong. We all voted and have all had our voices heard. America spoke up and said Bush by a 2-3 percent margin. He is America's chosen president and if you chose not to believe that you need to find a new country and get the F*** out of mine.

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