Monday, January 03, 2005

More Map Postings!

Okay, it seems to be that everytime I mention getting on my blogroll by pinning my guest map a few people will respond and then noghing. I think I'll put the rules over the guest map so people will know. It seems only logical. Anyway, here's the two that got me. I'm glad they did too. I'd never even heard of these people before now. It's always good to hear from new people. It's like welcoming new people into your family. So without further delay:

TexasBug is not from New Jersey. I also doubt she's embarassed that Bush is from Texas. (See the Dixie Twits for any further explanation.) She just recently installed a second sidebar and I'm thinking I may follow suit. It's after new years and time for a change. I guess she's inspired me. Two more points to follow: If you get a chance, check out her picture with her duaghter. She's absolutely adorable. The second, she's another Christian blogger. This is really turning into a trend!

Paul Oyler, over at SteelerDirtFreak is a 21st Century, Missional, Redneck Geek...or at least that's what the header says. Anyway, if you want Tsunami videos he's got them right here. Go watch them, then go donate...and yes, he's a Christian blogger as well. It appears that Jesusland is taking over the blogosphere. Suck on THAT Michael Moore!

Anyway, back to the donation point: Both of these sites have given links to the Tsunami disaster. Goodness seems to come frequently from these two. I'd like to give two more sites that include around 150-200 total charities of goodness. FOXNews has a good technical article about everything and provides the link to the Network for Good that has an entire database of charities for the Tsunami. MSNBC also has a good list of charities. They have also given the information if you have lost contact with someone over in the region. You can contact the U.S. State Department. You can also call: 1-888-407-4747, or, from overseas, at 1-317-472-2328.

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