Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gasoline Retail Price Falls for 9th Straight Week!

If these gas prices keep up I'll be able to drive my truck into work again. I can give the Focus back to my wife! Another lucky bonus is our Sam's Club just opened a new gas station that's 5 cents cheaper than their already low prices. It appears that one of my predicitions are starting to come true earlier than expected.

Speaking of expectations, take a good hard look at the vehicles you see on the road today and the ones you were seeing on the road four months ago. More people are driving their gas guzzlers now that they can afford the gas. As gas gets cheaper you will see more people in their tanks again. Maybe Ariana Huffington was right (to a point) about the SUV's feeding the arabs (not terrorism)?

Not that I'm advocating higher gas prices or anything, but the car of the year was the Toyota Prius, a hybrid that gets around 50 Mpg. If the gas prices stay high then these cars will sell more. The more these cars sell the better the alternative fuel industry is. All they need to do is get the ball rolling in the right direction. I can't believe I'm saying this, but low gas prices are not what the auto industry needs right now.

Man, I'm sounding like a doom and gloomer more and more these days...sheesh!

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