Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dean vies for NDC Chair! Republicans rejoice!

A few conservatives have shot around the possibility of Howard Dean not only running for DNC Chair, but winning it. To be completely honest, I believe it would be the best candidate the GOP could hope to get. Many other conservatives feel the same way.

We believe he would spin the party so far left that part of the Democratic party would jump ship. Voters would flee in even greater numbers. It would be a windfall for the Republican party. We've already seen a tidbit of this sect within the DNC. It came in the form of Barbara Boxer and a few other Democrats fighting the Ohio election results. Surprisingly, it was Nanci Pelosi, the Senate minority leader, who basically told them: "Sit down! You're embarrasing the party!" (not quite in those words, but she was the one who told them to stop.)

Electing Howard Dean would be like selecting the deepest sect of their party to decide where it should be headed. Judging by his ability to blow money on campaigns, he would seriously overtax his party. I'm all for it. Go ahead, run the DNC into the ground! I'm behind you all the way Mr. Dean!

Something he's doing rather intelligently, is running a blog in support of his candidacy. He can be found here, at Democracy For America. Another group, found here, is advertising Democratic meetups across the country tonight. If I wasn't working tonight I'd be half tempted to attend one.


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