Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri Schiavo update

Well, I haven't said anything about Terri in a while, 'cept to eat a troll over at Holy they're tasty. Today has been a rather important day in the case.

Lets see, congress tried to get her to testify about Jason Giambi taking steroids...oops, sorry. That was the wrong congressional subpeona. She was subpeona'd to speak on behalf of people that have around 30 written statements from doctors saying you can get better, but being classified PVS because a judge deems it so. I think that's what it's about, right? We live in a really crappy place when a state judge is capable of deciding federal law. And I thought it was DOCTORS that had a god complex.

Anyway, back to the case at hand.

Relax everyone. Terri will not be dying any time soon. The House and the Senate are working right now to finalize the wording for the act that will prevent things like this from happening. If the Democrats think a fillibuster is called for I may have to shoot a few of them myself. Maybe I could give a few of them PVS while I'm at it.

Honestly, you shouldn't be listening to me on this matter. I'm just a poor source for this stuff. Roll on over to Cao's Blog. She's been rolling full steam ahead since this thing began. The only people I might give more props to on this are Hyscience and Blogs For Terri...maybe.

As bloggers we have done something to be proud of: We have made the Lesgistive branch take action to save a life.

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