Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Schiavo parents prepare Supreme Court appeal

Well, it's down to the wire folks. There's not much left to be done. There's about two more possible saves in this case. So, what are these saves?

1. An appeal to the Supreme Court of the U.S. can be made. It would be an unprecedented event for the same court that has refused to hear this case several times before. Considering the reaction of several lower courts, it does not look like the Democrat heavy Supreme Court will even see the case, let alone vote in favor of giving Terri life.

2. DCF in Florida has recently had a neurologist examine Terri's medical record and determined that there was a likely misdiagnosis. He considered her "most likely in a state of minimal conciousness". What this means is that DCF can intervene if it so chooses and deem Terri a ward of the state. This would take all decision making abilities from and of the current people in the case and make it a decision based on DCF's findings, free and clear of persuasion by either side. This appears to be the most logical choice in this case.

So what would Terri becoming a ward of the state enable?

Making Terri a ward of the state would enable the personal backstabbing on both sides of things come to an end. There would be no opportunity for Michael Schiavo to intimidate doctors, nurses, small shrubberies, etc. from providing care and/or therapy to Terri. He would no longer be able to prevent video from reaching the court system through legal means, swallow tests from being done, personal effects in the room, strolls outside, etc. He could no longer manipulate the situation in any way shape or form.

On the other side of this coin, the Schindlers will no longer be able to slander Michael about what he has and has not done. There are oodles of rumors flying this way and that about what people have or have not said or done. Putting this in the hands of DCF would put things on a level playing field and prevent the he said/she said.

Whatever happens we need to have it happen, it needs to happen soon. Terri's basically on a state imposed hunger strike and if anything is delayed she will get nothing but dead.

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