Friday, March 04, 2005

Child Pornography - Follow-Up

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and personal experiences about that portion of my job. In average, we get one of this sickos a month. It has become a pandemic that needs to be shut down somehow.

This may just be my opinion on the subject, but I believe the problem stems from the ready availability of pornography on the internet. I'm sure we could talk about that part of things for hours but the truth is that the legislators don't see this as a real problem and will not act.

The only way to do anything about the problem is to bring it up to our legislators. Even if we can't do things on a national level there are things we can do in our own communities. If I get the opportunity this weekend I'll try and draw something up for your perusal. If someone out there in the world wants to write one up on their own I'll have no problems in helping formulate it and sending copies to all of the legislators I can get a hold of.

Again, thanks for the moral support.

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