Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Guys! I'm RETIRED!

Okay, it all started with Rusty from The Jawa Report breaking through his millionth hit. Honestly, it couldn't happen to a nicer blogger. He really deserves the traffic and has been rather kind to me throughout the blog-years (months). I congratulate Rusty on making a mark that many other bloggers may never reach. (Coincidentally, I just went over 15,000, just to put things in perspective.)

The intreaguing part is the comment he put in his millionth post:
GM Roper is trying to replace American Warmonger as the new King of Blogs competition. He's got my vote.

Really, I appreciate the link, but it sounds like Rusty has chosen sides between me and GM Roper....or at least that's how someone took it. The same statement could also mean:
GM Roper is vying for the crown that American Warmonger will be handing down after his forced retirement after three wins in the King of blogs tournament. I vote for him. So should you.

Sure, it's a little more wordy, but it solves problems like this:
Rusty at The Jawa Report says: "GM Roper is trying to
replace American Warmonger as the new King of Blogs
competition. He's got my vote."

I'd like to publish a 1-paragraph campaign statement
(50 words or so) from each of you about why you should
be King of Blogs. Are you game?

I'll include a link to both blogs.


Brian Blazevic

San Diego, California

The whole thing seems a bit funny to me. I think Rusty understood the situation, but wrote it in such a way as someone became confused. I'll give them both the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't mean I can't have fun with it. So, Brian, here's my paragraph in 50 words or less:
I do not know if I am a better king. I do know who the three judges are though: Songstress7, Mr. Ober, and PIETRO, not Nick Queen. I am also familiar with what makes the judges happy. After three consecutive wins and retirement you sort of learn these things.

Word Count: 49

Gee, I hope I win!...Okay, this has become a noteriety piece. I have to give it up to GM Roper. I'll be tracking this back the the KOTB and voting for him as well.

One more thing: New Eagle has me on his blogroll. I shall reciprocate.


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