Monday, March 14, 2005

COMING SOON.... a blogosphere near you.

Pumping Pixels

Getting tired of that tired looking blogger template? Having problems getting your Movable Type to move? Getting the full court press for trying to play with Wordpress?

We are Hanz and Franz and we are guaranteed to pump your blog up!

Have you noticed the lack of testosterone in blog design? Tired of blog designers that make you look like a girlie man? Are you a girlie man that want's to fake it?

We are here to help bring some muscle back to blog design. The bloginators are coming to restore your symmetry.

Come get your blog deeezigned or we will pop your neck like a cheeken' bone...pop.

[Steroids not included. Llamas on request.]
[We can do kickin' blogs for girls as well!]

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