Sunday, March 06, 2005


The dear songstress7 of News From the Great Beyond has gone slightly off kilter. I feel like she has slighted me with her tongue. I am distraught. In her royal verdict for the week, found here, my score (and everyone elses) was halved for not providing the appropriate congratulatory praise due the original queen of blogs. You see, the congratulations I gave here was apparently not enough for the only female member of the blog triad of judges.

Forgive me fair queen. I made mention that the first would be a slow day of blogging for me due the creation of the challenge post I submitted. If you wish, you may consider it a blogday present and redistribute it under your own name. Say the word and I'll contact the BNN and have them change my name to yours.

I fear, however, that this post will fall on deaf ears. Well, Mrs. Songstress7, prepare for a blog orgy of linky lovin'.

Mr. Ogre, Mr. SmarterCop, don't worry. You're invited to this Caligula of linky lovin' as well. This may get so raw that someone may want to film it for trackbackaphiles.

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