Friday, March 11, 2005

Linking up with the Joneses

Okay, I'm running out of good titles for this little link update post thing. The first thing I need to do is clear out some of my e-mail, so here goes:

A.J. van Hemert runs Data Source75, a link directory. Does he have original content? Nope. He's just a link hound. So am I. If you like links you'll love A.J.

SSG Anthony Roberts runs a blog called Jumping Without A Chute. Maybe he has actually done this, because when he asked me for a reciprocal link he forgot to include the name of his blog. Even after I asked for his blog name so I could reciprocate he only gave me the title of the blog. Thank the good Lord for Google. I know Mr. Roberts does, not because of me, but because he's a devout Catholic. He's also one of the many devout Schiavo case followers. Go read.

Don Surber is something I would consider something of a rarity. It's not because he's been a journalist for twenty odd years. It's not because he's a journalist that will actually respond to your e-mails personally. It's not even because he's a journalist from West Virginia. (Sorry, Don. I couldn't help a good West Virginia joke.) It's because he's a conservative journalist, of 20 years who will answer his friggin' inbox. And if you really want to get a good story ask him about senator Bob "Klansman" Byrd. Oh, and he pissed off the DU with an article he wrote. Way to go Don!

David has some Tangled Thoughts. I'm not completely sure, but I believe he's untangling them in his blog. He's half-Phillipino, half-white, all American that's in need of a J.O.B. after gratuating from Michigan. Go give him a shout out...and a job reference.

Thomas Nichols, aka Jack Army is a retired Special Forces guy with a laundry list of missions accomplished. If you'd like to read some good stuff from a guy who knows more than most Mr. Nichols is the guy for you. I know he probably doesn't know that I've been watching, but I can see hits coming from his site several times a day. In fact, I can feel your eyes on me right now!

Remember that e-mailing me or signing my guestmap will get you a reciprocating link and a snippet of article....and don't forget to support me for the last half hour of voting left for the King of Blogs tournament!

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