Sunday, March 27, 2005

Random thoughts on Terri

Well, the way things are looking Terri Schiavo will be passing on peacefully after her tongue swells and cracks, nose bleeds, etc, etc. and she finally has one last violent cardiac arrest. There's not much that can save her at this point. As far as I can tell any appeals will be going through Judge Kevorkian, so no reprieve will be found.

I've had some time to just think about the case and have sort of formed a different opinion about this whole situation. I've been contemplating whether I should post this or not. I don't want to tick off the right to lifers, but I'm not really one of them and sort of have to say something about it, so here goes:

If I were in Terri's shoes I would have wanted to be put down a long time ago. Could I recover? Hell, I don't know, but I wouldn't want to be left as a treant. I say treant because I don't think she's a vegetable, but I don't really think she'll ever be all there no matter what sort of therapy she gets. I doubt she would even be able to do anything without major assistance. I would want to be put to death. I do not follow with the ideal that all life is precious no matter how crappy it is. If you want to be put down I have no problems with it. More power to you.

To caveat this I believe I have taken more of the libertarian approach on this issue. I feel that Terri did not give the proper indication to decide one way or the other about her state. I don't believe one side or the other as to whatever she said. I think they're both lying about things.

It seems rather curious to be as to why someone would wait over seven years to say that she wanted to be put to death. On the same token, I don't believe that she made judgment to the contrary either. How many people in their mid twenties have really thought about a living will?...okay, BEFORE Terri Schiavo? Have YOU written you living will?

As an example, my mom, Patty-Jo, is 48 years old and has a free living will sitting on the table, unfinished. She'll get around to it...maybe. Sigh. I really don't think Terri paid it a second thought and both sides are wrong.

Now having said this, the only two groups able to determine Terri's condition are the government and Terri herself. Since Terri has this really strong speech impediment she can't quite speak for herself. I really wish that Judge Doom had given her over to DCF. They may not be the most kind and gentle people when it come to certain things, but at least you could get a third impartial party involved.

To throw out the devil's advocate argument, Judge Greer and all of the other judges do not really care about all of the facts. Greer has made up his mind many years ago and the rest of the judiciary is standing behind him on solidarity alone. Even if they looked at the records they already had a decision in their minds. It was over before it started, and that's really screwed up. That is why I would prefer, personally, to see DCF get permitted to look into this...which Judge Dredd dismissed.

The whole point I'm trying to make is that the only person who can make the life and death decision for Terri is Terri. That is why I believe this is wrong. Does it happen in many more cases than this where the judiciary will make life or death decisions? Yes, and that's rather screwed up too. It's rather unfortunate that the lady down in Texas had her baby pulled off the ventilator without her permission and there is nothing that can legally be done. Mom should have had the choice, it's constitutional: LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

...and if I'm ever in the same situation, pull a Kevorkian. I'll come back from the dead and kill you all if I'm starved to death...try me.

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