Monday, March 21, 2005

GM Roper for king!

Yep, GM Roper has a talent for kissing the judges. He's done a wonderful job at it. So good in fact that he's wooed me as well. So, on for week two. WOO WOO!

Okay, that sounded bad. Nevermind. I'm voting for GM Roper to continue his riegn as the new king of blogs. In fact, I believe the handing of the crown ceremony has just taken place. I handed my crown down in absentia. I still don't know where Absentia is but I must have been there. I was busy getting my teeth laser whitened. In an hour and a half my teeth have gone from a shade of yellow sticky to damn near copier paper color. This incredible imporvement only comes at the cost of about $575 (Normally $650 but they're running a $75 off deal for a while.)

Anyway, go vote!

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