Thursday, March 03, 2005

Disturbed - Child Pornography

I am really not in a good state of mind right now. I'm not really sure I should be writing this, but I've got to get it out. Sometimes what is required of me at my network security job is more than one should endure. My hands are literally shaking.

Working in the network security field you tend to run into the odds and ends of society that really don't need to be walking among the general population. Most of the time it's some guy that thinks it would be really cool to try and hack into your network or open holes in your network with some stupid video game the want to bring into work. I think my favorite are the geniuses the think it's cool to plug their X-Boxes into the second largest intranet in the United States, NMCI, and think they won't get in trouble. I don't really get bothered by these people too much. You slap their hand, tell them to knock it off, and go about your business. It's kind of fun sometimes.

The other part of the job deals with a different sort of unauthorized activity: pornography. People who surf porn tend to throw us a lot of viruses. We usually find a couple of people surfing porn a week, but it's usually nothing too serious. Normally, they just bounce around the web for five minutes to a half hour, depending on personal stamina, clean out their web cache, wipe themselves off and go back to work. Honestly though, I don't know exactly what they're doing though, because we don't investigate these people. They're not important enough. Besides, we're not contracted to catch them. We are contracted to catch the other kind.

I have just spent the last two hours investigating a machine that, at first, just looked like he had saved around a gigabyte of porn videos. The severe violators are the ones we send to NCIS (Navy Criminology and Investigative Services) for criminal investigation. Most of the time they're just collecting standard, everyday, adult, legal, guy on girl porn. At first I thought that was what this was. There was even this picture of a nude painted up like a cow. We all took a peek and made a Gateway joke and followed it with a Chick-Fil-A joke: "Eat Mor Fish". Everything was fine, until we found the horse video. That's when we started looking a bit deeper.

The next thing we found were she-male videos. They're still legal in most states, but they still make me feel a bit sick to my stomach to see a freak of nature like that. Let's just say that it's not how God intended a woman to be. It bothers me slightly but it's not too bad.

Scrolling down through the files we came across the picture: kiddy porn. There wasn't actually any nudity in the first picture, but it was presented in a suggestive form. Still, he could have been able to get off with a picture like this. He wouldn't have served any time in jail for it, so we continued on.

Going to through his favorites we only found one link we have a problem with. There was a link to an incest site. Maybe it was all legal and maybe it wasn't. I wasn't sticking around on the site to find out. It doesn't matter anyway because what we found next it the primary reason I'm writing this. (Damn, I'm shaking again.)

On his desktop we discovered no less than five shortcuts to Yahoo Picture groups. A couple of them were general everyday porn, but two of them were not. Two of them were verifiably sick people. One had a picture of a suggestively posed teen that could have been old enough but was more than likely too young to be doing it. He only shares pictures through e-mail, and that's all he does. The other showed a young Asian child around kindergarten age as his pic. He was also an e-mail trader. The piece that disturbed me the most was his favorite quote, or as much of it as I could read: Come here little girl, let me pull down your panties so you can sit on my lap and.....

I'm not going to be right for the next few days. I pray he finds a cell in general population with a large inmate nicknamed "Bubba the ass-wrecker". I'll let someone else pray for him. I want him dead.

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