Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I was minding my own business when I heard about this Gnome guy that quit his post over at Chuck's Place. He was supposed to guard the place from Harvey and Nick bringing in strippers and beer while Chuck went out to party for spring break.

Well, it didn't take long for Ogre and GM Roper to come by with the needed supplies to bust the place wide open. The next thing you know the gnome was going on a little spring break of his own. Hell, he went on another world tour.

Somewhere along the line he got a bit of color in his life and he's hanging out at my blog now:

Beer and Strippers

I think the thing that Chuck may have forgotten was that gnomes are suckers for what Chuck was trying to prevent from getting brought in:

That was an easy one. Gnomes love beer. If you have more than two beer steins at home I'd be willing to bet that you're suffuring from "gnome encroachment" as well.

MMMMMmmmm.... Beer...

This was the hard part. You see, gnomes could really care less about long legged buxom blondes. Most gnomes aren't mountain climbers and don't want to go through the trials and tribulations of climbing some huge chick. Luckily, we were able to find this little lady hanging in one of the more seedy parts of town:

Hot Stuff Baby!

What a looker!

The moral of this story: Don't trust a gnome with a bad example, for he will rope him in with an ogre and end up with one hell of a paradox.

Please Help
This gnome needs traveling time. He's on a world tour. Put him on your blog. Write up a small story...or not. Trackback to Nick Here: http://blog.mu.nu/cgi/mt-tb.cgi/71993

We're trying to get a full listing of where the gnome has been so Chuck can see when he gets back. Let's make sure the gnome has a better trip than he does!

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