Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I've been Terrilanched

This is just too weird. I've been watching my sitemeter climb the closer Terri gets to death. I went from around 120 hits to around 350 hits yesterday. Much of it had been from Hyscience or Blogs For Terri but yesterday was different. Yesterday I began recieveing a mess of hits from Terri herself. Yep, Terri has her own blog...well...sort of. Some smackboy decided it would be really funny to throw up a couple of posts with noises spelled out and call it Terri's blog. It was a really stupid idea.

I guess the most ironic part about this is that I had been priding myself on not being launched by any big blogs since my inception. Now here comes this sounding board of a topic that I have a semi-different idea about and everyone wants to tell me how much of an idiot I am for not agreeing completely with their truth about things. I am frankly very tired about this case. It has gone on much longer than it really needs to, but for some reason unbeknownst to me it has given me more traffic than I've ever had before.

So now that I'm getting a bunch of hits about this, here's the deal:

I'm rather sick of this whole ordeal and both sides of this case have really pissed me off. I no longer care if it's a dry or wet, hot or cold, sweet or sour death. I no longer care what your truth is on what life is or is not. Unless your name is Terri Schiavo you do not know what is going on...unless she's really PVS, then no one knows. I'm sure everyone has meant well with their articles saying Terri will feel no pain because this article says so, or she's really alive and only needs a shunt for a full recovery because of this article. It just doesn't matter to me anymore.

If you would like to debate the case on the merits of a person's rights to choice, whether PVS or not, by all means beat me up. If you have something on the legalities of what this could mean for future cases, by all means speak up. If you have irrefutable evidence as to why or why not Terri is or is not feeling something there are several other blogs that would love to take your truth and round file it. I, for one, am getting a bit tired of it.

..and I'd like to take this moment to apologize to my cousin for blowing up on her. This has been coming to a head for a while and I should have been a little more careful about the words I chose to write. I'm just getting a bit tired of being called wrong by people that only know their part of the truth.

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