Saturday, March 12, 2005

I am the KING!...of sucking up.

In the last episode of this I did a little Jack Spade impersonation. In this one I'm just gonna whip it out. I've had a bit of happy juice so screw it all.


Songstress7 of News From The Great Beyond:

Writer's Block. Everyone gets it. In fact, I sort of have it myself right now. The best remedy is to just grab the closest meme, or any unfinished post you have available and just do it. It's not about putting something out that matters it's about breaking the lock. Fifty other bloggers already say the exact same thing? I doesn't matter. If what you write turns out to be the absolutely worst thing you've ever written it is still better than writing nothing.

Usually, what works for me when I'm a bit off is poetry. Just sit and stew about your feelings for a while and come back to the canvas (keyboard) and just whip it out. Don't spell check a damn thing until after you've published it. If you go back and look at what you've written you'll just delete it.

Ogre of Ogre's Politics and views:

I am incapable of linking to all of the fine posts you have put together in the past week. Yo have your iron in so many fires it is white hot. It can boost your traffic up to around 250-300, but after that it's sort of a vacant lot. You are at the top of the envelope from breaking into the mainstream, but you've got a hometown, christian based spirit at heart. If you have a choice of going big time or sticking with your roots, I hope you chose your roots...purely for selfish reasons.

Pietro of SmarterCop:

I can't really get to you too much. I've thrown up a couple of comments here and there. I've looked for some interaction, but you seem to be taking this judge thing pretty seriously. I can't get through. Kudos on your integrity.

As for what you're posting, I like the idea of a round up, but you may want to change it to a weekly deal, and only use your own material. You and Ogre have the same probelm: too many memes for one typist.

Good luck to all of the judges and remember that a threepeat would be really cool.

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