Thursday, March 10, 2005

Social Security - The definitive answer

Sorry everybody. I'm working diligently on my senior paper on social security. All I can give you right now is my outline. Bring your reading classes when it's complete. The requirements are for at least 10 basically it's only slightly longer than a regular post. If anyone knows where to get good data on the topic I'm ready and waiting:


Defining the crisis
When does the s*** hit the fan for real
bring up the fact that SS is now in the general fund (now a general tax burden)

Options for fixing it

Personal accounts
Pros & cons (need a chart following age vs start of accounts
examples in action
explain about the riple effect
charting the progress of thrift savings plan

Raising the retirement age
pros & cons (chart the rising age of death and normal retirement age)
examples in history

Increasing the tax burden
calculate the tax burden through the age vs needs chart
give the numbers at it's max badness to keep system afloat
explain unpopularity

how fair are these options?
is race or gender an issue?
rate the three options on the table

That's it for now. Check back later to see how it progresses. FOr now, just GO VOTE!!!

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