Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Terri is Black!

According to reports Jesse Jackson has joined the fight for Terri Schiavo's life because those against her continued life have racist motives.
"This is one of the profound moral, ethical issues of our time, the saving of Terri's life," the civil rights leader said. "And today we pray for racial equality."

Mr. Jackson also made mention that:
"I have known black pedophiles and Terri is no pedophile." said Jackson. "The only thing Terri is guilty of is being comatose while black. This would not have happened to a white comatose patient.

Mr. Jackson also made mention that lack of brain capacity has never stopped him from making political, religious, ethical or even extramarital decisions before:
"Terri has no less brain capacity than I do. I am sure that with rehabilitation she and I will regain our ability to be effective and productive members of the black community in America, Lord willing.

He made reference to being able to help the world with the religious leader Osama Bin Laden and then had to have his feeding tube reinserted.

In honor of Nickie Goomba, this has been a satirical cross reference of Jesse Jackson in the news.
Michael Jackson and the Race Card: "Don't Leave Home Without It" by Larry Elder -- Capitalism Magazine

CNN.com - Jackson joins fight over feeding tube - Mar 29, 2005

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