Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thompson's ashes to be shot from cannon

I never really bought into the whole "Father of Gonzo Journalism" jibe with Hunter S. Thompson. Sure, he was probably a firm fixture in many activist movements but I was never really influenced by any of that. I really didn't care. I'm sure many people besides me have felt the same way. Would the same hooplah have been made if a more professional yet less "free-wheeling" journalist had died? Probably not. Overall, he was nothing to me. I was not really a fan of his. To the journalistic world he was a hero whose steed was a big giant fist...or a blue guy with a hooked nose. He was an idol to those that carried a pen.

There is one single solitary way that I have the utmost respect for him: The way he had planned to be memorialized. There's just something bad-ass about having your ashes shot from a cannon.

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