Thursday, April 07, 2005

Question 3

3. You have 5 minutes with Tony Blair: what do you ask him?
Five minutes, hrm. That's about five quick questions. Here goes:

1. Is the British media completely blind to concepts outside of ultra liberal or is that just how it looks to America? Are there papers that we don't get press about that are completely conservative?
2. Why, after all of the ridicule you have received, did you have the faith to stick by George W. Bush even though it could have cost you the next election?
3. Have you ever wanted to just kick another head of state squarely in the nuts, and if so who would it be? Chirac? Putin? Schroeder? Someone else?
4. I know that many politicians are simply reacting to what they think people want them to hear but you have proven yourself to be one that thinks about things for himself. Is there any topics floating around in the back of your mind that you believe would be an excellent idea to implement but know you would never get enough backing for to implement? If so, what would it be?
5. What do you make of this whole Camilla Parker Bowles thing?

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