Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogger News Network goes Google News

Yes, it's official. After some wrangling with the code of BNN it is now accessible through Google News. We went live while we were all sleeping last night. Today is a good day for BNN and bloggerdom in general.

Let me begin by saying that no average aggregator blog can become a news source. I need real content outside of repeating what other people say in order to become Googleworthy. Even the likes of Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit and Little Green Footballs have been unable to get in on the grounds of not having enough original material. Well, that's all we're about, original reporting material.

So what does this mean for BNN?

It means we should be expecting more hits from Google than ever before. If you are capable of wording things appropriately you can get your story read by more people by being more relevant to their search. The more relevant we are to their searches the more hits we get. Remember, the more hits we get the more likely people are to click the obligatory link back to your own site, meaning more traffic for your own blog.

This also means that we are more of a legitimate company to businesses looking to advertise on news services. We're official now. We can be considered real news and be able to leverage that point with advertisers. No longer are we just those rascally bloggers in their pajamas. Now we're rascally bloggers in pajamas with credentials.

This leads to yet another potential benefit: We could call ourselves official press. I am currently unclear of what makes a press corps person official or not. Are there dues to be paid? Do we need little "press" badges? (Badges! We don't need no stinking badges!) I'm sure that at the current time there are locations that will take the fact that Goggle accepts us as news as admission of a real source and allow us the same privileges based on that. Others will not be as easy. I'm sure that if one of us tried to claim press at the White House press room we would be laughed at, but that might not always be the case.

We are not quite there as of yet. We need to push our bounds, do interviews with who we can and act as official press when we have the opportunity. Town hall meetings, public announcements and other press related avenues are merely a stone's throw away. There will come a day that your everyday blogger will be given the opportunity to ask the President a question, as press.

Cross-posted at: BNN

UPDATE: BNN hit the front page next to CNN. Here's the image. Robert Hayes has one up as well.

BNN. All the news that's fit to blog!


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