Sunday, April 03, 2005

Even geeks get computer stupid

Okay, I admit it. Even us ùber-geeks get computer stupid. Let me explain.

Today I installed a new video card into a computer that was using onboard video. I went into the bios like I'm supposed to, changed settings, rebooted, everything seemed like it should work. I had even seen the card work on a different computer. No problems right? Wrong.

I just spent an hour wondering why I couldn't get my monitor to kick in with the video card. I chacked and re-checked everything. Removed the card and reseated it. Finally, in an act of desparation I went to the manual to look and see if there was an extra special setting that I had missed. Nope, not a setting out of place.

I then went to the troubleshooting section:
Problem, screen is blank

1. Screen Saver is enabled - not a problem
2. PC is in standby mode - not a problem
3. PC is in hybernation mode or is off - not a problem (Are people really this stupid?)
4. Monitor connector is not properly connected to the back of the PC - Okay, I guess I really AM that stupid.

Monitor cable has now been moved from the built in video card into the new one. Everything works fine now. Yes, even ùber-geeks are computer stupid sometimes.

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